Sort of going back to roots.

Up at 7:00.

SIt, breakfast, stretching, shower and off to Walker.

When I arrive, I find I’m needed to do an emergency sales & marketing job, so I do that. It’s quite fun, and I feel quite on top of it. When I first began working for Walker, nearly twenty years ago, I was the assistant S&M designer. When the art director I’m working for began, she had the same job. Sort of going back to roots.

Has a very positive effect on my mentality and awakeness.

Get off to the Movements class, listening to My Bumper Book of Lies on a loop. I’ve now got a long list of changes I need to make, that I really ought to write down.

Good-ish session tonight. Again, feel quite on top of things.

Back to the flat, still listening to the same loop.

Haru provides delicious stew and tablet, a Scottish delicacy.

I do some AAD coding, quite painlessly, or apparantly so. How remarkable.