they have our money, and that’s the important thing

7:10-ish – get up.

Sitting, breakfast. Answering emails, stretching, abluting, dressing, getting to Walker three-quarters of an hour later than I wanted to. Speak to Sara on the way.

Maisying – finishing off the ad, then back to the book. This takes all day with a break for lunch.

Get back to the flat. Try and call BT to find out why the package hasn’t arrived (and also why the super-fast broadband connection is slower than the old one but they seem to ignore that one). I get quite irate.

The chap-in-India tells me that the router was delivered. I tell him it wasn’t and, in no uncertain terms, tell him to dispatch another one. He does so, or at least claims to. But then his countryman lied about sending the router the other day, so perhaps he’s lying to me now.

I suppose this is what decadance looks like – companies going on about “customer service” and that “our opinions are important to them” and then just lying to us. I suppose they have our money, and that’s the important thing.

Dinner, then working on Alex Rider.