par for the course, really

I don’t get any sleep, all night, apparantly. Partly this is through being possessed by anger, partly this is because of a slight neck-stiffness and gum-pain. Just enough to keep me awake.

I get up at five and look at the internet. At 6:30 I lie down “for a bit”, waking up at 9:00.

Breakfast, shower and into Walker at 10:15-ish.

Maisying again. Then Lunch.

After eating I call BT again. This time it transpires that everything I was told on the previous five or six occasions I called (which in themselves contradicted each other) were lies. There was no upgrade, apparantly.

I take the opportunity to cancel it altogether, hopefully. Unless the young lady I spoke to was also lying, which would be par for the course, really.

Now I’m full of self-righteousness, which is not only helpful, but also attractive.

More Maisying, then a celebration of a birthday, then home.

At home I find the guitar strings that I ordered yesterday waiting for me. Delivered by Royal Mail. I’m beginning to feel unnaturally fond of Royal Mail. I’m sure they’ll do something to disabuse me of that.

I research alternative broadband suppliers.

After dinner I do more Alex Rider work.

Hopefully I’ll sleep tonight.