very meaty food

4:50 – Rise, or at least get up. Actually not that bad – if you get little enough sleep, your body is so shocked when you force it to get up that it forgets to be tired.

Shower and cup of tea. Haru gets up, which is extraordinarily good of her.

Final packing, uploading files to Sara’s server. Some dithering, but that’s to be expected.

6:15 – Leave the flat, go to Southwark tube station, Jubilee to Westminster, District to Victoria. Surprisingly painless. I’ve just missed a train at Victoria, so get on one that leaves at 6:45, arriving in Gatwick at 7:15. Listening to Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre, the father of Rave, apparantly.

Check-in is also surprisingly painless, thanks to the power of Kylie.

I’m convinced that the security measures are part of a plan to get people used to living in a police state. One man gets on a plane with a bomb in his shoe that doesn’t even work and everybody takes of their shoes from now on. And the liquids thing is to keep the price of bottled water and coffee buoyed up against external competition. Or perhaps a job creation scheme – I mean, until a couple of years ago, was there anyone whose entire career centred around asking people whether they were carrying fluids?

I think I’d be quite a good conspiracy theorist if I put my mind to it. Although there are a lot of things I’d rather be than a conspiracy theorist, even quite a good one.

Buy a sandwich and a cappuchino (prepared by someone showing every sign of the alienated worker), and then try to find something to do for the next hour or so until boarding. Including writing this entry up to this point.

Actual boarding is painless, except that I think the gates are up the escalator, which they’re not. I always make that mistake in Gatwick.

On the flight, I’m sat next to two Japanese girls and watch Zatoichi, which I enjoy a lot – I watch the first hour and a bit of it on the plane, then switch it off and watch it on the bus to Barcelona and on the train to Sant Joan. The film ends just before I have to get off the train. I find the long tap-dancing sequence at the end a bit odd. Good film, though.

I arrive at the House just as everybody’s about to leave to go to lunch. Drop my stuff, then we go to the local mall and eat very meaty food at Frankfurts.

Back at the House there’s a bunch of housework to be done – moving tables and chairs, mostly, and doubling the capacity of the facility.

I’m in with Leo again, which is very good.

Lots more housework, and dinner is at 21:00.

Bed relatively early.