implicated in the tortilla preparation

6:15 – Rise. Stretching in the glass-house room. Shave and shower and to the sitting (7:30). I have a sore throat and may be coming down with a cold.

8:15 – Breakfast. The breakfast strategy has yet to be worked out. Hopefully it will be developed further, or breakfast will take until dinner when we’re all here.

After breakfast, settle into the tea and coffee preparation.

9:30 – Housework. And continuing through the day, actually.

The bright sunshine makes the room pleasantly warm even with the windows open.

The next lot of housework is at 15:00, but I miss it, as I have to go and prepare tea at 15:15. We manage to get it ready very quickly. Largely because there’s not hot milk. Somehow end up discussing Cultural Amnesia and almost miss calling for washing-up volunteers. I think they might have forgotten at breakfast, too, and the moment came for Tywi at lunch while he had a big mouthful of food. So.

Playing guitar with Leo, which is always nice. We may have at least one new piece.

19:00 – Go to do tea and coffee, and end up sort of implicated in the tortilla preparation and distribution. There are a lot more of us now.

19:30 – Dinner. Silence arrives very heavily.

After Dinner, and more tea and coffee stuff, trying to remember the pieces from the summer with Victoria, and the pieces from this afternoon with Leo. I have this terrible problem with retaining pieces after the first flush of getting them.

22:45 – cleaning cups; completing the tea and coffee after 23:00