more fun than the songs

6:00 – Up, Y, sit, ablute, breakfast, guitar

Walker: Maisying.



Home – dinner.

Out to Islington – Wayter playing at the Hope & Anchor. Lots of good stuff to see – in particular how the first band I saw (the second band on) had lots of interesting bits, that turned into less interesting songs. They’re more interested in those bits, I’m more interested, but they seem to be intent on playing the songs anyway.

(This is a syndrome that Ben noticed in about 1981, watching a band whose name began with V, supporting Hawkwind. So it’s not new).

Juan and Ewa arrive, and we chat for a bit. The next band are better than the first, but trade one of their songs for “a bit of a jam” when the guitarist breaks a string. Again, the bits that aren’t the actual songs were more fun than the songs.

Wayter on after that, indeed going on after the supposed wrap-up time, despite the very strict sound guy. They rock. I take photos that will definitely turn out to be blurry, as I realise I can’t see any of the settings and I’ve forgotten how to do exposures.

After the show walk to Angel and catch a tube from there. Buy bread and make sandwiches, drink tea.

Bed very, very late.

I appear to have some kind of routine going on.

6:00 – As before…

oh, OK, up, yoga, shave/shower, sitting, breakfast, guitar then off to Walker.

I appear to have some kind of routine going on.

At Walker I Maisify until lunch. Actually, at some point before Maisfication commences, I give away the fact that I’ve totally misunderstood the whole concept of ℵ0, which I have to confess I don’t do everyday. Corrected on this point, my mind is slightly blown. As I say later on, poor old Cantor – to have that idea completely clear in your head, and to be apparently the first person ever to have thought it (and as Ben points out, with no one actually believing you), no wonder he went mad.

Now I have to understand ℵ1, and (if I’m very good) ℵ2. Actually, I don’t have to; nothing will happen to me if I fail to grasp it. But I’d like to.

Lunch, then a lie-down, then more Maisification. Today I’m allowing myself biscuits. Not sure why.

At 18:00-ish, I return home. Pusskins III, dinner, more Pusskins III, Jonathan Meades, then some Alex Rider stuff, faking (I hope) a bugging-device-in-a-book). The last image that needs to be done. Anyway, let’s see.

Bed later than I’d like, then.

a very expensive sandwich indeed

6:00 – Get up, dither, yoga, shave/shower, sitting, breakfast.


=> Walker.


At lunchtime walk to Tesco with Ben. Wrestle with the self-service check-out, which not only tempts me into giving in and just stealing the stuff, but also bewilders me so much I leave most of my change behind, meaning that I eat a very expensive sandwich indeed.

Sit in the sun in the children’s playground and discuss.

More Maisification.

Return home at 18:15. Do some fairies, then have dinner, then complete the fairies and do some Alex Rider until quite late.

I mean, what?

6:00 – Get up. gentle yogafication, followed by shave/shower, sitting breakfast, guitar and departure to Walker, wearing one of my recently dry-cleaned suits. Which feels good.

At Walker I continue Maisying, all day, returning home at about 19:00.

Dinner at 19:45 and, after a delay, I colour in fairies until bedtime.

That really was it. I don’t think I’ve missed anything of value out. Oh: I decided not to have any biscuits, which I didn’t. However, there was chocolate, so I had some of that, because chocolate wasn’t in the initial agreement. I mean, what? Chocolate was nice, though.

a lot of casino gags

6:00 – Get up, yoga, shave/shower, sitting, breakfast.


Off to Walker. They currently operate a system whereby one buys round plastic tokens to exchange for lunch, and on the way in I buy a number of them. “Right,” I say, “I’m off to put them all on red 13”.

Then, “I suppose you get that all the time”. No, although they do hear a lot of casino gags.

I also lose and find again the right earbud from my earphones.



After lunch, I sneak off home and do some corrections for Hachette. Which takes me to 6:15, when I leave for the movements class.

21:45 – Return home. I get on the northbound Jubilee Line train and have to switch to the southbound train.

Home. Copious stew and AAD tweak.

(remarkably difficult to find)

6:00 – Rise, yoga. shower/shave, sitting, breakfast.

Guitar practise.

Off to Walker, with ensuing Maisying.

This takes me to 17:30 (with a break for lunch, of course).

Then out to Waterloo Station, arriving just in time to catch a train to Wandsworth Junction, then look for an off-license (remarkably difficult to find), then to David and Osvalda’s for dinner.

So dinner, then.

Catch the 23:30 train back, getting home at midnight.

Cup of tea and soon to bed.

Not to mention the symbolism in the work

6:00 – Rise, yoga, shave/shower, sitting, breakfast.


Then to Walker, followed by Maisying.

Lunchtime – talking with Ben about Duchamp. I realise he may be the greatest religious artist of the 20th Century – whereas most readymades that came after him seem to have been made in the spirit of deflating the notion of art, Duchamp’s seems to have seen art as something immanent in the objects he chose; whereas other artists seem to be saying “look at me!”, Duchamp is saying “look at this“. Not to mention the symbolism in the work.

Short lie on the floor.

More Maisying.

Back home at about 18:15. Fairies, followed by dinner, followed by more fairies.

Very tired, gently dribbling.

Perhaps my mind will change.

6:00 – Rise, yoga, shave/shower, breakfast, guitar practise.

10:00 – Out the door.

At Walker I try and sort out The Modem Question, which leaves me slighted bemused and despondent.


Lunch (pizza – Mmm!).

More Maisying.

While I’m working I listen to Jack Kornfield talks and try to suppress the emotional response, although I sense at least a couple of people looking at me as if I’m at least slightly mad.

After work to the Tate Gallery for the private (or semi-private) view of the new Duchamp-Man Ray-Picabia exhibition. There’s quite a lot of Picabia, who I’ve not really encountered before and who’s a bit… meh. I think so, anyway. I find Duchamp constantly inspiring, partly because I get the sense that he was playing all the time. Man Ray’s chess sets are quite startling. Picabia, though, just seems to be playing catch-up with Duchamp all the time. Duchamp’s obsessions seem to turn up in Picabia’s work, slightly watered down, a couple of years after Duchamp employed them. Also, as the closest thing to a dedicated painter of the three, Picabia’s paintings are the least interesting.

I’ll go back at least once during the run, though. Perhaps my mind will change.

On the way back I get fish and chips, which we eat while watching Torchwood (as most accounts say, not as bad as the last series, but it really, really wants to be CSI when it grows up) and then I struggle to get the new modem working. I fail and fail and then Haru tests it and I seem to have succeeded. Don’t quite understand that.

Still, it’s much faster than the old connection. I do some gratuitous downloads to watch it being fast.

A giant leap from my last giant leap (getting broadband installed) seven years ago.

a protracted and slightly slapstick entry

6:00 – Get up, yoga, shave/shower, sitting, breakfast.


10:00 – Off to Walker. It’s very cold out.

As I get to Walker, there’s a chap with a stepladder coming in the front door, which makes for a protracted and slightly slapstick entry.

Morning spent Maisying.

On the way down to lunch, encounter the same chap carrying the same stepladder, as well as several different people moving in different directions. I close my eyes, as I often do in such situations. A bad habit. It certainly used to freak my driving instructor out.

More Maisying in the afternoon. I should have napped at lunchtime.

There’s an email from the new broadband people to say that they’ve dispatched the new router; when I get back home there’s a letter from BT to say they’ll disconnect my broadband tomorrow (and the new company will connect). When I check on the parcel’s progress I find that they attempted to deliver when Haru was out.

Maybe tomorrow. Though we’ll have no internet, at least for a bit.

Carry on working at home – fairies and a bit of Alex Rider. Also iron some trousers and select the clothes for tomorrow.

Some symmetry, then.

Up at 10:00. Breakfast.

Working, eventually, though some dithering first.

(Very cold today).

And more working after lunch.

At 18:30 I go out for a run – actually I’ve been preparing for the run for about half an hour, but finding reasons not to. Eventually I prod my body into leaving the flat. The first five minutes or so are cold, but after that – after I get moving – it’s not so bad, and on the home stretch I’m positively warm. During the home stretch I notice that I’m running on conscious commands – straighten up, one foot in front of the other, that sort of thing – and would grind to a halt without them, as though I needed to burn off a lot of automatic energy to get to this point. It’s suddenly and momentarily clear that whatever we are is woven out of the decisions we make; that decision-making is the material itself. From this a number of other things become clear, though I expect the clarity to fade with the application of a hot shower and dinner and so forth.

Back at the flat, do 20 minutes of yoga, then hot shower (some diminution of clarity), then dinner (katsu-don – mm!), then… sitting around, like this morning before I got down to work. Some symmetry, then.