a gang of animals trying to fight their way out of a sack

6:30 – Rise. I’m momentarily confused, believing I’ve got us up at 5:30, but no. That’s London time.

Stretching, shave, shower.

9:00 – Out and about. Walk into San Cugat and find croissant and cafe con leche, and an unfeasible number of dogs. Visit the monastir, which is very impressive. As we’re leaving a large number of people enter. Outside there’s an empty hearse. Another embarrassing situation evaded.

In the town square there’s a folkloric group setting up – bagpipes, bassoon, drum, trumpet and a couple of other instrument. Separately they sound wonderful, especially the bagpipe. Together they sound like a gang of animals trying to fight their way out of a sack.

I’m glad I don’t have to play outside in January, though. Perhaps I do. We don’t know next week’s itinerary yet.

Buy very long socks.

Find lunch, and a further demonstration of the negative service one can expect in Spanish establishments. But that’s OK.

Wander back to the House, the old way, via the supermarket, where I buy emergency chocolate.


16:00 – tea. The kitchen co-ordinator is firm.

I work on the AAD site, finally.

19:00 – Dinner.

20:30 – Inaugural meeting.

22:00 – First meeting of the LCG – line checking and general calibration.

11:00 – Learning Mariana’s Friday circulation, running through various pieces.

Midnight – hurriedly write this and to bed.