Someone needs to be roused.

6:00 – Rise. Yoga.

6:30 – Shave and shower.

Then somehow it’s 7:20. I dress in a hurry and get to the sitting at 7:30.

8:15 – Breakfast. Haru says adios, and tells the team to be brave and to be loud.

Haru departs at 9:05.

Personal practice. I realise it’s time for t’ai chi too late to get to t’ai chi.

Guitar meeting at 10:45, which I’m also almost late for. Today’s theme is being on time, then. Circulation left-with-return. Other arising matters.

Small group meetings are arranged for the afternoon.

Lunch. Delicious dish-like-a-curry-but-I-don’t-know-exactly-what.

14:15 – El Topo meeting. It’s now an orchetral piece.

14:45 – En La Noche meeting. It’s now a quartet.

15:10 – Zombies meeting. It’s still Zombies.

Quickly re-present Mr Kelley’s Proposal to Jacek, Tywi, Victoria and Leo. It could be really cool.

16:00 – Tea.

16:30 – Acoustic rehearsal – Tango Apasionado. Someone needs to be roused.

Meet with Leo. El Guante is now technically completed.


19:00 – Dinner. Soup Voices is performed. Someone needed to be roused, but arrives in time for dessert.

20:30 – Electric rehearsal. Everything we covered today plus Blockhead and Vroom and the Metal section of Fugata.

23:40 – Rehearsal ends.