endeavouring to achieve solidity

6:30 – Rise, yoga, shave, shower,

7:30 – SItting

8:15 – Breakfast.

I volunteer to wash up after breakfast. Or rather my hand does.

Spent the whole day practising and developing new forms of back pain. Occasionally I find that if I sit a certain way the pain disappears, then forget it again. I volunteer myself as solid on a subject that I’m not at all solid on (or rather my right hand volunteers me without consulting me first), then spend the rest of the day endeavouring to achieve solidity.

My hand keeps getting me into trouble then.

Anyway, lots of practising. I also manage to write a new tune based on my practising, which is nice.

At the evening rehearsal it transpires that I’ve reached a modicum of solidity; also I finally get a part in El Pendulo, which I’ve only waited five years for. Perhaps I should have asked more insistently.

To bed very late after playing Vroom with outro (A.K.A. Marine 475 and one huge chord.