perhaps it’s the perfect age

Get up at 10:45. This is a surprise for both of us.

Out for breakfast – Perdoni’s has been extensively refurbished and renamed (Riverside2, which is a mistake in my opinion), but despite being full of the usual crew isn’t open until Monday.

We walk over to a cafe on Blackfriars Bridge Road, finding it difficult to get served (we sit at a table in front by the window, but… why not). I go to the counter to order, finding my voice getting a bit hard. Hmm. Bit late in life to turn into a consumer campaigner, or perhaps it’s the perfect age.

Anyway, we get breakfast quite quickly after that, and apologies when I go to pay, so that’s all right then.

I walk up to Maplins to get banana plugs, buying a second-hand copy of Understanding Comics from the bookstall by the NFT, just after wondering who on earth would buy a book from that stall. The south bank is very busy, including some teenage boys who are doing the new craze after skateboarding (jumping off things, trying to grab on to other things, missing and either winding themselves or breaking a limb).

I get to Maplins, find the plug display and begin to look for banana plugs. A sales assistant interposes himself between me and the display and asks if he can help me.

“Banana plugs,” I say. He repeats the phrase. He obviously has no idea what I’m talking about. He looks at the display.

“There are some here,” I say, pointing at them.

“Yes,” he replies. He doesn’t move. So far his track record for helpfulness is wholly negative, as he’s manage to interpose himself between me and the thing I was looking for, and which I found for myself anyway.

I potter around Maplins for a bit, buy the banana plugs and walk home.

At home I ascertain I’d bought the wrong kind of plugs (serves me right for being so smug about the sales assistant), and have a nap before getting back to working on the AAD site.

This takes me to 20:30, when I walk to the shopping centre and get some takeway noodles and a bottle of wine. I walk back to the flat, we eat dinner, drink some wine and I get back to the site, while The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada plays on the TV.

Eventually complete the task I’ve been working on.