a protracted and slightly slapstick entry

6:00 – Get up, yoga, shave/shower, sitting, breakfast.


10:00 – Off to Walker. It’s very cold out.

As I get to Walker, there’s a chap with a stepladder coming in the front door, which makes for a protracted and slightly slapstick entry.

Morning spent Maisying.

On the way down to lunch, encounter the same chap carrying the same stepladder, as well as several different people moving in different directions. I close my eyes, as I often do in such situations. A bad habit. It certainly used to freak my driving instructor out.

More Maisying in the afternoon. I should have napped at lunchtime.

There’s an email from the new broadband people to say that they’ve dispatched the new router; when I get back home there’s a letter from BT to say they’ll disconnect my broadband tomorrow (and the new company will connect). When I check on the parcel’s progress I find that they attempted to deliver when Haru was out.

Maybe tomorrow. Though we’ll have no internet, at least for a bit.

Carry on working at home – fairies and a bit of Alex Rider. Also iron some trousers and select the clothes for tomorrow.