a lot of casino gags

6:00 – Get up, yoga, shave/shower, sitting, breakfast.


Off to Walker. They currently operate a system whereby one buys round plastic tokens to exchange for lunch, and on the way in I buy a number of them. “Right,” I say, “I’m off to put them all on red 13”.

Then, “I suppose you get that all the time”. No, although they do hear a lot of casino gags.

I also lose and find again the right earbud from my earphones.



After lunch, I sneak off home and do some corrections for Hachette. Which takes me to 6:15, when I leave for the movements class.

21:45 – Return home. I get on the northbound Jubilee Line train and have to switch to the southbound train.

Home. Copious stew and AAD tweak.