I appear to have some kind of routine going on.

6:00 – As before…

oh, OK, up, yoga, shave/shower, sitting, breakfast, guitar then off to Walker.

I appear to have some kind of routine going on.

At Walker I Maisify until lunch. Actually, at some point before Maisfication commences, I give away the fact that I’ve totally misunderstood the whole concept of ℵ0, which I have to confess I don’t do everyday. Corrected on this point, my mind is slightly blown. As I say later on, poor old Cantor – to have that idea completely clear in your head, and to be apparently the first person ever to have thought it (and as Ben points out, with no one actually believing you), no wonder he went mad.

Now I have to understand ℵ1, and (if I’m very good) ℵ2. Actually, I don’t have to; nothing will happen to me if I fail to grasp it. But I’d like to.

Lunch, then a lie-down, then more Maisification. Today I’m allowing myself biscuits. Not sure why.

At 18:00-ish, I return home. Pusskins III, dinner, more Pusskins III, Jonathan Meades, then some Alex Rider stuff, faking (I hope) a bugging-device-in-a-book). The last image that needs to be done. Anyway, let’s see.

Bed later than I’d like, then.