more fun than the songs

6:00 – Up, Y, sit, ablute, breakfast, guitar

Walker: Maisying.



Home – dinner.

Out to Islington – Wayter playing at the Hope & Anchor. Lots of good stuff to see – in particular how the first band I saw (the second band on) had lots of interesting bits, that turned into less interesting songs. They’re more interested in those bits, I’m more interested, but they seem to be intent on playing the songs anyway.

(This is a syndrome that Ben noticed in about 1981, watching a band whose name began with V, supporting Hawkwind. So it’s not new).

Juan and Ewa arrive, and we chat for a bit. The next band are better than the first, but trade one of their songs for “a bit of a jam” when the guitarist breaks a string. Again, the bits that aren’t the actual songs were more fun than the songs.

Wayter on after that, indeed going on after the supposed wrap-up time, despite the very strict sound guy. They rock. I take photos that will definitely turn out to be blurry, as I realise I can’t see any of the settings and I’ve forgotten how to do exposures.

After the show walk to Angel and catch a tube from there. Buy bread and make sandwiches, drink tea.

Bed very, very late.