Not a thief / loony / fetishist after all.

8:10 – I feel a lot better, though still with some pain in the back of my neck / left upper jaw.

Shower at 8:35 (the lengths that I go to to avoid the Intro team!) and the Russian kid is leaving as I arrive. Probably give bad impression.

Found my shoes on the verandah. Must have been moved during housework. Not a thief / loony / fetishist after all.

and also – horror! – noodle

I keep having flashes of other times, not just those that I remember, but also the flavour of other places.

At tea – Tywi, Sergi, Arnaldo and myself played High Roller; At dinner Mariana, me, Tywi, Arnaldo, Sergi, Roberto D and Sylvain played Intergalactic, Space Zombies and El Topo.

10:42 (after rehearsal) – it turns out that the person who won’t shut up is me. I’ll need to work on that. Several embarrassing moments: I make verbal contributions and also – horror! – noodle (and am told to desist).

So I hope to get myself under control.

12:07 – Am I coming down with the Lurgi? I’ve taken echinacea, perhaps it will help.

It’s late, though.

My outdoor shoes have disappeared.

1:26 – RIght now I hate everyone and everything. This is unusual enough to be worth recording.

The hollow floor shakes with every step.

6:00 – Up, yoga (Martin is also there, so I feel a bit clumsy and self-conscious).

6:20 – Shave and shower.

6:42 – I’m already done. Odd – it takes much longer at home. There are, obviously, reasons for that, but still…

I go for a stroll on the verandah – not much of a stroll, I know. I’m surprised by how I don’t feel the cold. Probably the increased circulation from the yoga.

7:00 – And I’m sitting around waiting for something to happen. Alarms have just started to go off.

I’ll probably be ready to go back to sleep by the time of the sitting.

Someone has taken it upon himself to sweep the Ballroom. Why does he make so much noise? Genuine question – does he find it comforting? The hollow floor shakes with every step.

Bad habits (mine):

  1. Dripping coffee everywhere. Yesterday I did this at breakfast, and also at lunch
  2. Catching on things that pull me up short. Usually my jacket, but I noticed just now that it happened with the pillows I was carrying

The pillows are to soft. I went back to get a second pillow and to escape the noise.

The coffee smells good, but I don’t want to be one of those people who sneaks a coffee early. I hate them.

Again, what appears to be a fear of going where I’ve not been before.

Worrying that if I go too far, I won’t be able to retreat to a “safer”, “easier” place.

Misjudged comment at lunch – people laughed, but all the same it felt clumsy.

playing, noodling and hanging out

Up at 6:00 – shower (nice hot shower!) and then to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Relatively uneventful. Miss the sitting, though.

Most of the day is playing, noodling and hanging out. Do get High Roller going and El Topo of course. It takes less time to present than it does to play, and it’s less than a minute long.

My aim: “To support the group; to work and to play”.

I want to see how that works for me.

Even more fragmented than yesterday – I do final bits and pieces and walk up to town to buy two guitar strings (the guy behind the counter doesn’t even begin to bother to hide his contempt for someone buying two guitar strings and post a package to America. Incredibly long queue in the Post Office. All the time I’m listening to the Michel Thomas recording.

Walk back, complete things and have dinner – Japanese-style curry by H.

In the evening watch Black Books series three and pack. I’ve packed light before. This time I pack heavy. I want to see how that works for me.

I shan’t take my laptop with me, so for the next week or so this will be even more fragmented than it has been.

Apart from horrific cold, that is.

Fragmented day, so fragmented diary entry.

I did some bits, but not quite enough.

I went for a run – over Southwark, Tower, Millenium and Westminster Bridges in that order, all the while listening to Michel Thomas quietly bullying people into learning German.

Ate delicious Japanese food that Haru made.

Did some more stuff. Too little, too late.

Looked up the weather for the upcoming week in Hamburg and Kiel, and wonder what, exactly, I’ve let myself in for. Apart from horrific cold, that is.

and quite mungable

Up late, breakfast and dithering. Oh, and there’s a shower. The run yesterday did me good, though.

We set off for Denise and Terry’s at 12:15 – stopping off at the off-license for wine and Sainsbury’s for cherry tomatoes. I’d phoned ahead to say that we’d be late, but the TFL website lied to me (it said the train went at 12:32), and we arrive at the station just as the 12:39 is leaving. So we have to dither for half an hour.

Get the train, and walk from Brockley station. Nice to see that an organic food shop has opened over the road from the station, and the pub on the other end of the footbridge has been immeasurably improved by being converted into a hole in the ground. No, really.

Lovely lunch, with lots of chocolate and cava. I set up Denise’s laptop to talk to her wireless network, and the copy of Mail on her mac to talk to the world.

They give us a lift back at 19:00, and carry on to what sounds like an extraordinary ritual, nearby. I should check it out some time. But not this month.

We watch some Jonathan Meades, and I set up a website for Denise using WordPress. Very quick, I’m impressed, and quite mungable. Or at least I mung it quite easily. Time will tell whether that was a good idea.

To bed very late, then.

exciting new website directions

Get up late, breakfast, dither, don’t bother to get dressed and spend a lot of the day working out jazz chords in NST.

In the early evening I meet up with Denise for a drink and discussion of exciting new website directions for her.

In the evening I go down to the shopping centre and get take-away noodles, which we eat while watching Ashes to Ashes.

That’s about it, really. Not much of a day, then. I certainly didn’t manage to do the several things I’d hoped for, but never mind.

my aim is not to careen off passers-by.

6:00 – Get up. I have to struggle with myself not to go back to bed, but do manage to do yoga, shave and shower, and then sitting and breakfast.

After breakfast I do a lot more guitar than I’d originally intended, mostly working out jazz chords. I’m still amazed to discover chords that have just been sitting there all this time, minding their own business and unnoticed by me.

Off to Walker, late, and Maisying, which takes me through to about 18:30 with the usual break for lunch. This is my last Maisying this month.

Back at the flat I dither for a couple of hours, then go out for a run – over Tower Bridge and back along the South Bank. This is the ideal time (about 20:00 in March) for this if my aim is not to careen off passers-by. Otherwise it’s quite chilly.

Back to the flat. I’ve let it, and dinner, get late.

Shower, eat. Try to watch part one of Ashes to Ashes via the network, but give up, as presenting it this way creates a lousy picture and drop-outs. Oh, well.

I really ought to start preparing myself to go to Germany next week.