disrupt a few cobwebs

10:30 – Get up.

Out to breakfast. Today we get a table by the window. And toast. Which is nice. The staff seem to be getting the hang of the new layout. On the one hand I wonder whether the change isn’t a mistake, on the other I can see and respect the impulse that led them to it.

After breakfast we walk up towards town – Haru goes off through the parks towards the Serpentine Gallery, I walk up Victoria Road. I visit Westminster Cathedral, which I’ve not done before. I’m somewhat impressed.

Then up to the Red Cross charity shop, where I buy a couple of pairs of trousers, then the charity shops in Pimlico. I end up with another suit and a couple of ties as well.

Then I walk back home.

I kind of needed the space away from home – especially on a windy day such as this one, which managed to disrupt a few cobwebs.

Back to the fairies.

At 20:15 I walk to the Elephant shopping centre and order noodles, then go downstairs to Tesco and by a range of bottled real ales, before collecting my order. Then back to the flat.

Dinner, with Hobgoblin ale (from Oxford) and Have I Got Old News For You, followed by Being Human (a pilot that was recently on BBC 3, and which will hopefully be picked up for a series), with Abbot Ale, and an episode of Time Team featuring what may have been a two-and-a-half-thousand-year-old bridge across the Thames at Vauxhall. This with Budvar.

After that we do the toast – one day delayed this month.