wrong, as is often the case

9:10 – Get up. Breakfast.

9:45 – To the supermarket.

Again I have to ask the cashier not to pack my bag, largely because she seemed to be about to pack the heavier objects on top of the herbs.

Back at the flat, after negotiating the cable that the cleaner-of-the-stairs has stretched up the stairs from his vacuum cleaner (today being a getting-round-obstructions day, at least so far), I get down to work.

With a break for lunch and another for dinner, the two jobs I do (out of three I ought to do) carry me through to about 22:30. I listen to a lot of podcasts and other downloaded radio in this time, many fairies are coloured in and pages re-ordered. Next week, perhaps, I get a weekend.

Before bed, we drink the bottle of Bombardier ale I bought yesterday (as I’d been promising myself a glass of beer when I’d done the work, thinking it would have been about 21:30, but being wrong, as is often the case).