a certain amount of toppling

6:00 – Up, yoga, ablute, sit, breakfast.

Then I have to do some work – colouring corrections and DVD burning.

At 8:30, Haru goes out to another interview.

At after 10:00 I go to Walker.

The sun shines. It gets colder. Well, there’s a thing.

Maisying. Lunch. Maisying.

Tube, movements. I appear to be an advanced member of the class. Bringing this thought to mind is more than enough to make me fall over. Also, in order to stand on one foot I need to remember to push down with the other, which is, to say the least, counter-intuitive. When distracted by my own sense of seniority, I forget. Hence a certain amount of toppling.

Home to soup and cream crackers and, eventually, bed.