toppling towards ancientness

7:15 – I wake up. I’ve overslept. Hereafter follows a contracted version of the usual morning schedule, without exercises, but with ablution and guitar practise.

Then Walker (goodness, it’s cold outside), and Maisying.

Chilli for lunch, with baked potatoes. For some reason, they always put out crisps with baked potatoes. No one knows why, and, as far as I know, no one has ever asked. There are theories. It’s generally thought that it amounts to too much potato, but everyone takes a packet of crisps anyway. Because, hey: free crisps.

Then a lie-down and more Maisying.

At 18:30 I begin to leave, though I do stop by Ben’s desk for a chat. Eventually get home at about 19:30. Now it’s not only cold out, but raining too.

Chilli also for dinner, but I like chilli very much.

After dinner I late shift: some Pusskins corrections and some Shifrin clearing up, followed by uploading. I listen to a podcast of a Nick Lowe gig while I’m doing this. He’s an inspiration to us all. All of us who are toppling towards ancientness, anyway.

Bit of noodling and listening to stuff in Logic, and bed late.