which feels slightly illicit

6:00 – Get up. Yoga. Sitting. Breakfast. Guitar. Walker. The whole shebang.

Today on the guitar I spend a lot of time working out jazz chords, which feels slightly illicit.

Anyway, at Walker I’m Maisying again, but then you knew that.

And there’s lunch, but then you knew that too.

It looks like there’s less Maisy work in my immediate future than we thought, but nobody really knew that until this afternoon. Still enough, though.

So I get home at about half past seven, we have dinner at eight, and I spend my evening OFF (which is my first since coming back from San Cugat, or at least my first when there wasn’t something pressing I ought to be doing) playing with tracks in Logic. There’s a bunch of things there that I might be able to do when I find the time and energy.

After that, bed.