a bit Thursday-headed

Get up. Yoga. Sitting. Breakfast. Guitar. Walker. Maisying. Lunch. Maisying. Home.

Was I there? Intermittently, but a bit Thursday-headed.

In the morning, to keep me motivated while I’m working, I listen to King Crimson instrumentals, in the afternoon to Prefab Sprout. Aren’t iPods wonderful?

I have a clear, but inexpressible, notion of essential qualities – noun-ness or (and this is the one I noticed) preposition-ness, easily detected in some of the Crimson instrumentals. But I can’t put it into words. Ironic, really.

I attempt to begin a surprise extra set of corrections to the Shifrin book, but my brain is bubbling too much. Takeaway chips for dinner, then bottled beer and television. Television is not very inspiring, but then I don’t really need much inspiration at the moment.

Weekend won’t be Off, though, which is a shame.

Almost Friday.