My body, anyway.

Get up at 8:30. Not as per the usual schedule, then. General attenuation, thought there is breakfast. There would be breakfast.

I spend a lot of the day trying to complete and upload the Shifrin corrections and, in the afternoon, the final tweaks to the McCabe book that Ashgate have asked for.

I find this very difficult. Not the tasks themselves, but the getting myself to do them. I begin to do something, then find myself in another room, engaged in a pointless displacement activity. Back to the computer. When I come to, I’m reading a Wikipedia entry on something completely irrelevant that I’ve completely forgotten, or the current prices of TVs at Richer Sounds.

It appears that parts of me are rebelling against the minimal-weekend policy of the last few weeks. At least it’s not flu, which is the body’s last-ditch way of getting one to rest for a bit. My body, anyway.

I think I complete that, but don’t quite upload it. There’s also a call with a possible job-ette for tomorrow, but that depends on available time and whether they send it to me.

In the evening eat popcorn and watch the first couple of episodes of series 2 of Life on Mars. Perhaps trying too hard, but still fun.

Bed a bit too late and a bit too full of popcorn.