I get more done, anyway.

6:00 – Rise, yoga, shave/shower, sitting, breakfast, guitar. Phew.

Off to Walker and Maisying.

On the way to work, at the crossing of St George’s Road and Lambeth Road, the road is cordoned off: there’s a bus there and an ambulance. The ambulance isn’t going anywhere at any speed, which isn’t a good sign.

At lunchtime, I realise that I don’t have any lunch tokens, so go to get money and a sandwich from the outside. Also realise that I’m a different person if I get up at 6:00 from the person who gets up at 9:30. Not necessarily better, but different. I get more done, anyway.

More Maisying and back at the flat by 18:30.

I go out for a run, then, after a shower, get fish and chips and we eat them, with beer and the last few episodes of Life on Mars.