I might as well look at them

Wake up at 7:30, wash my face and dress, then lie back on the bed.

Downstairs, say hello to the dogs and eventually Ben, Sally and Liz get up and we have breakfast.

Sally drives Ben and the boys and I to Cambridge station to catch the train to London. Well, almost all the way to the station – an unexpected and intractable traffic jam leads us to abandon the lift and walk to the station, as fast as possible.

We do get on the train, with enough time to spare that we (or I at least) feel vaguely embarrassed about the panic.

On the journey I look at a lot of trees out of the window. There are a lot of trees there, so I might as well look at them.

I get into Liverpool Street at about 12:00 and, despite having expressed a desire to walk, find the rain mitigates against it. I catch a 35 bus home.

At home, settle down, lunch, a bit of JGB, a lie-down, then a run, then shower, then dinner, then watch TV. And that’s it.