like a Bond villain’s sidekick

Get up at 8:30, sit and breakfast. Then out to Dave’s for the Jeays rehearsal, getting there at 11:00. It’s very cold. Winter always makes this last, desperate, attempt, like a Bond villain’s sidekick. One year perhaps it will win.

Anyway, rehearsal is done, and some gestures are made in the general direction of estabilshing how we’re going to get to the gig on Friday.

I’m not absolutely sure, actually, but I think it involves trying to get to Hammersmith, at least in part.

Phil gives me a lift to Clapham Junction and I get to the platform. A beggar introduces himself by name, which suggests that beggars are getting advice from psychologists these days.

Train back to Waterloo, and then return to the flat. Eat cheese, crackers and Nutella.

Dither .

Fail to go for a run, largely because of the cold. This is me giving into the impulse of like and dislike. As was the Nutella, I suppose.

DInner (udon – Mmm!).

More ditherage. Some small achievements.

People expect things to be done. I have to try to prod my body/mind back into service again. They’ve had a rest now, and should make more of an effort.