my aim is not to careen off passers-by.

6:00 – Get up. I have to struggle with myself not to go back to bed, but do manage to do yoga, shave and shower, and then sitting and breakfast.

After breakfast I do a lot more guitar than I’d originally intended, mostly working out jazz chords. I’m still amazed to discover chords that have just been sitting there all this time, minding their own business and unnoticed by me.

Off to Walker, late, and Maisying, which takes me through to about 18:30 with the usual break for lunch. This is my last Maisying this month.

Back at the flat I dither for a couple of hours, then go out for a run – over Tower Bridge and back along the South Bank. This is the ideal time (about 20:00 in March) for this if my aim is not to careen off passers-by. Otherwise it’s quite chilly.

Back to the flat. I’ve let it, and dinner, get late.

Shower, eat. Try to watch part one of Ashes to Ashes via the network, but give up, as presenting it this way creates a lousy picture and drop-outs. Oh, well.

I really ought to start preparing myself to go to Germany next week.