and quite mungable

Up late, breakfast and dithering. Oh, and there’s a shower. The run yesterday did me good, though.

We set off for Denise and Terry’s at 12:15 – stopping off at the off-license for wine and Sainsbury’s for cherry tomatoes. I’d phoned ahead to say that we’d be late, but the TFL website lied to me (it said the train went at 12:32), and we arrive at the station just as the 12:39 is leaving. So we have to dither for half an hour.

Get the train, and walk from Brockley station. Nice to see that an organic food shop has opened over the road from the station, and the pub on the other end of the footbridge has been immeasurably improved by being converted into a hole in the ground. No, really.

Lovely lunch, with lots of chocolate and cava. I set up Denise’s laptop to talk to her wireless network, and the copy of Mail on her mac to talk to the world.

They give us a lift back at 19:00, and carry on to what sounds like an extraordinary ritual, nearby. I should check it out some time. But not this month.

We watch some Jonathan Meades, and I set up a website for Denise using WordPress. Very quick, I’m impressed, and quite mungable. Or at least I mung it quite easily. Time will tell whether that was a good idea.

To bed very late, then.