The hollow floor shakes with every step.

6:00 – Up, yoga (Martin is also there, so I feel a bit clumsy and self-conscious).

6:20 – Shave and shower.

6:42 – I’m already done. Odd – it takes much longer at home. There are, obviously, reasons for that, but still…

I go for a stroll on the verandah – not much of a stroll, I know. I’m surprised by how I don’t feel the cold. Probably the increased circulation from the yoga.

7:00 – And I’m sitting around waiting for something to happen. Alarms have just started to go off.

I’ll probably be ready to go back to sleep by the time of the sitting.

Someone has taken it upon himself to sweep the Ballroom. Why does he make so much noise? Genuine question – does he find it comforting? The hollow floor shakes with every step.

Bad habits (mine):

  1. Dripping coffee everywhere. Yesterday I did this at breakfast, and also at lunch
  2. Catching on things that pull me up short. Usually my jacket, but I noticed just now that it happened with the pillows I was carrying

The pillows are to soft. I went back to get a second pillow and to escape the noise.

The coffee smells good, but I don’t want to be one of those people who sneaks a coffee early. I hate them.

Again, what appears to be a fear of going where I’ve not been before.

Worrying that if I go too far, I won’t be able to retreat to a “safer”, “easier” place.

Misjudged comment at lunch – people laughed, but all the same it felt clumsy.