it’s been ringing in the background

6:00 – Up, sit, breakfast, wave H off, morning preparation.

Corralling myself into working, with greater and lesser success.

After lunch I finally get to the post office, then catch a bus to the Royal Mail collection office, or what would be a collection office if there was anything to collect. I lose my temper somewhat, which is probably a mistake. Still, if the post-person doesn’t ring my doorbell to make sure that I’m in (and so doesn’t deliver the package), and the package isn’t in the collection office, what am I to do. He suggests I speak to the delivery-person, which I would if I was alerted to their presence. See step one. He also suggests I call them in the morning. I point out that they never answer the phone – it’s been ringing in the background for five minutes as he suggests it – and leave.

I’ve allowed myself to get into a bad mood. Bah.

I actually wonder how I’m going to get any of the packages I’m expecting.

I catch the bus up the the shopping centre, and navigate my way through the chaotic horde in Tesco and buy some groceries. Then I walk home.

Haru gets back and I make burgers and buy chips to go with them.

After dinner, we do the toast, then watch Simon Schama’s history of Britain followed by the news.

A bit of diversity, then

Some indeterminate time before 6:00 – I wake up.

6:00 – up… etc. You know the process.

In the middle of the bundle of post put through the front door is the “Sorry, you were out” card from the Post Office, to say that they have a delivery (though I don’t know of what. Of course, because it was in the middle of the bundle, they didn’t even try. They probably didn’t even bring the package with them.

Actually I don’t manage to do most of the things I intended to today, though I do go out for a run, in the opposite direction from that I normally go, and early enough that there aren’t that many tourists on Westminster Bridge. First it’s cloudy, then it rains, then the sun comes out. A bit of diversity, then, which is nice.

Still fail to get to the post office, which I’ve been working on for a few days. I do manage to get some stuff done, though.

Haru gets back at 18:00, and I cook dinner.

We watch Thunderbirds Are Go!, which I find quite wonderful, as I realise that it’s about machines – the human characters are incidental to the machinery. The first five minutes are entirely about a space craft being assembled in loving detail. A board-meeting is polled using an electronic tally board, that takes ten times longer than a show of hands. I also realise that, however much Gerry Anderson may have been in love with technology, it must always go disastrously wrong. Pilots of any non-Thunderbird craft rarely leave their craft by any other means than ejector seat.

After that, it’s Fantastic Four, which I enjoy a lot more than I did the first time.

This struggle, anyway.

5:53 – Wake up. Check clock. Go back to sleep for seven minutes.

6:00 – Up, Sitting, breakfast, Haru out the door at 7:20.

I do my preparation and get back to the Shifrin – this is drawing to the conclusion of a bright idea I had for the book called a Visual Index – that is to say, thumbnails of a lot of the images in pro to each other so that readers can see the relative sizes. It’s taken days longer than I thought it would. Just as I was about to give up (last Friday afternoon), I realised that it was not just a bright idea, but a good one. Still, the struggle ends today. This struggle, anyway. I’m sure there’ll be other struggles.

I also do some Samaritan work on a font.

Lunch at 13-ish, and a lie down.

Haru gets back at 18:00 – she’s forgotten her keys, so I need to let her in. I set off for the Movements and arrive early. In fact, most people do, which is odd.

Good class, I think.

Finish at 21:45, back home by 10:30.

Today is the first day of the year I’ve ventured out without my overcoat.

Delicious tomato soup by H, and some reading.

perhaps with more discipline

Up at 10:30, so major lie in. Spend the day reading, mostly which is wonderfully indulgent and I should do it more, perhaps with more discipline. Ditto the lying down that I do some of . In between there’s a shortish run – there are holes in the road everywhere: Why? – up to the river via Archbishop’s Park (a family are playing cricket with a real cricket ball, which I have premonitions of hitting me on the back of the head as I run past. But not, thankfully), and a loop along the river to Vauxhall Bridge, back along past the Tate Gallery and home.

After dinner some TV and more reading.

the justified annoyance

6:00 – Get up. Sitting, breakfast and H leaves at 7:30. Preparation and trying to do the Shifrin book. Not succeeding, really, to the justified annoyance of the editor. It’ll carry on into the weekend.

Haru gets home at about 18:00, and we have fish fingers and chips for dinner. Then watch Have I Got News For You and a lot of Van Morrison, and a bit of The Avengers.

I’ve been unravelling slightly these last few days. I should make an effort to re-ravel myself next week.

the new configuration

6:00 – Get up, sitting, breakfast and Haru leaves.

General preparation and then:

I take everything off the shelves on one side of the living room and pile it up on the other.

I vacuum the area and move the shelves and TV around into a new configuration.

I put everything back.

Unsurprisingly this takes all day.

I also make a trip to the Post Office that I should have made on Monday. Or last week. Or the week before.

Haru gets home and sees the new configuration. Surprise tempered by approval.

I make dinner – I intend it to be pasta with chorizo, but buy salami instead. So pasta with salami.

Watch TV – a documentary about medieval English churches (heavily painted and decorated, which leaves me wanting to find out more); the new (or at least second) series of Heroes, Terry Jones on The Crusades; Newsnight; Question Time with the Mayoral candidates. Boris is absurd. Ken reminds me more and more of Vetinari, which is a bit overgenerous, I suppose. Brian is strangely ungainly in his voice and rhetoric. I’m genuinely curious to find out what happens. Interesting times, I suppose.

Time is strange that way.

6:00 – Up, sit, breakfast, wave goodbye to H, prepare, fail to prepare sufficiently. So a day not completely on, which is a shame, as I really needed to be on.

Don’t really get dressed.

Do do some Fairies, and PDF/upload the latest iteration of Shifrin. Don’t make it to the post office. Do get my hair cut. Eventually shave, shower and out the door to the Movements class much later than I’d like. I arrive exactly on time, though.

Time is strange that way.

Not a terribly productive class, except that I do get to watch myself being grumpy, and then trying to ignore or marginalise the grumpiness. Not wholly successfully, but more successfully than at times in the past.

Then home again to H, potato soup & crunchy salad. And bed, eventually.

Perhaps I’m just not noticing them.

9-ish – Get up, breakfast, then off to the supermarket, as it’s Sunday. I wish I was more capable of making informed choices about what to buy (apart from the list that Haru gives me). Vegetables, for example. I’m sure there are more different kinds of vegetables than that. Perhaps I’m just not noticing them.

Sometimes I do buy odd vegetables, but they tend to go uncooked, as we don’t really know what to do with them.

Back at the flat: dither for a while, until Lunch.

After lunch, amid various dithering, work on the Shifrin book. More indecisiveness. Perhaps that’s my current frame of mind.

I do go for a run at 19:00-ish. I’m surprised by this, but my body has me dressed in running-around gear and outside before I know what’s hit me. It’s not as cold out there as I thought it would be and I manage to run for longer than any other day this week.

Back at the flat, shower, dinner, and watch last night’s Dr Who.

guest appearances

6:00 – Get up. Shave and shower, dress, then out the door.

6:40 – Leave.

6:55 – Arrive at Waterloo, buy ticket, find train, which leaves at 7:05

Get to Southampton at 8:55, leave the station by what turns out to be the wrong exit, into the rain and cold. Take refuge in a shopping centre and call Mike, who’s surprised to hear from me.

Back to the station, to the other side, where I wait for a while, then get coffee and sandwich at Costa, then Cherry picks me up and takes me (and Tywi, who’s already been picked up) to the facility.

Meet everybody, then have a Circle day, involving Tai Chi, Calisthenics, El Topo, En La Noche, Lucho’s piece (that I’ll not name, as I don’t want to get it wrong), with guest appearances by C major, C wholetone and C symmetrical.

Completion at 18:45 and Cherry takes us back to our respective stations.

Train at 19:30. Somewhat noisier than this morning. Arrives back at Waterloo at 21:30-ish. I buy beer on the way home.

Haru’s made pasta, which I eat. Also, she’s pleased to say that today’s Guardian contained a DVD of the original Gojira.

Watch various TV.

Less, actually

6:00 – Get up. Sitting, breakfast, Haru leaves, preparation and then I get down to the Fairies

Fairies all day, then. Today I listen to a dramatisation of Terry Pratchett’s Night Watch, the plot of which was essentially stolen for Life On Mars.

By 19:00, I’ve done the second lot of colouring, more or less. Less, actually, but never mind.

Go out for a run – a little fitter than the last couple of times.

Shower, get takeaway food for dinner, and eat it, watching a documentary about The Who.

H comes home from a night on the town.

Prepare for tomorrow.

Bed late-ish.