the usual customers

Get up at 8:45; I shave and shower and we have breakfast at Perdoni’s, or whatever it’s called now. Nice, anyway.

Then we walk through the throngs of clueless tourists. It’s colder than we thought it would be, colder than Haru thought, anyway, as she’s not bought a coat. We wander up towards Victoria, stopping in at Westminster Cathedral (a mass is going on – the choir is very good there, isn’t it?), the Red Cross charity shop (where there is, unusually, nothing for us) and thence by bus to the Victoria and Albert museum. We check out the usual customers – Raphael, sculptures, ironwork, fashion and the musical instruments.

Bus back home. I get some crisps, taramasalata and biscuits. I do some lying down and bits.

Haru goes to get a haircut, and after she returns we watch Doctor Who and the Confidential, and after that I go and get noodles and beer.

We eat while an early 60s edition of Doctor Who plays, then a documentary about Verity Lambert, then an episode of Minder, then one of Jonathan Creek.