cheap plastic toilet flush handles

6:00 – Up; Sitting; Breakfast.

7:30 – Haru leaves – I do yoga, shave/shower and other preparations.

I also check out possible tickets and routes for Haru to get to work.

I get to Walker late, on account of going via the Bank to drop off a cheque I was given yesterday.

Maisying. Then lunch. I provoke a Political Discussion (re: the Mayoral Debate last night), which isn’t like me.

Lying down. Then a bit more Maisy, attempting to deal with the Kafka-oid printer, then I go home.

I go via Lower Marsh, where I buy a replacement toilet flush handle. A replacement for the one that was broken the other day.

I don’t know when the previous one was fitted – almost certainly over ten years ago – but the new one is identical. Nice to know that there are some traditions in the world, even if it’s only cheap plastic toilet flush handles.

Some bits and pieces, and I begin making kedgeree.

Haru gets home at 18:00, I continue making kedgeree, then we eat it. Then I eat too many ginger nuts.

I do Shifrin corrections, and some JGB work.