awry one way or another

6:00 – Get up, sitting, breakfast, H leaves at 7:20 and I continue my preparation.

Amazon say give it three days before you declare one of their packages missing. Which is fair enough, but it’s only been over the last year or so that pretty much every delivery has gone awry one way or another.

Solve a problem on a website by removing things. I thought I had to add something, but no.

Off to Walker and comcomitant Maisying.

Ben takes me to the community centre over the road and treats me to lunch, in return for which I have to come up with bright ideas vis a vis words.

I feel a bad mood stealing over me – I realise that it’s just a something in itself, like a headache, and wonder at what point it became like that, and I dropped the notion that I was justified for being in a bad mood.

Have a lie down with calming sounds.

More Maisying, until 18:20, then home.

Recovering, not going for a run, then chips. At the chip shop a number of us are waiting for chips, as I have to do four times out of five that I go in there. I wonder about the logic / economics of this.

I spend some time lying down listening to more calming sounds.