The most important thing is that it’s not his problem.

I wake up at 5:50 after a dream that had both crafties and daleks in it. Bargain, eh?

6:00 – Get up. Sitting, breakfast.

H goes to work at 7:20 – morning routine.

I do some tidying. Spontaneous tidying. Unexpected eruptions of civilisation. Vaguely scary.

My father gives me a lift to the post office collection place with the two cards that arrived last week. The chap can only find one parcel, despite the fact that it’s addressed differently from the addressee on the card. Perhaps the other package got lost, he says. Perhaps. The most important thing is that it’s not his problem.

After I get home I set out and walk to Watkins, where I buy a meditation bench (part of my ongoing quest for a pain-free sitting), and walk back via Konditor & Cook where I buy a loaf of bread.

At home I eat more food than I think to be a good idea and watch a BBC4 documentary about Carlos Castaneda. I’d thought at least the first book to be vaguely based on fact (as it was largely about drugs rather than Cosmic Niceties), but apparantly not.

In the afternoon I achieve a lot less than I hoped I would, though I do manage to make some soup before I go out.

To the movements class, then, returning home at 10:30.

Soup and bread. The soup turned out quite well, I’m pleased.