guest appearances

6:00 – Get up. Shave and shower, dress, then out the door.

6:40 – Leave.

6:55 – Arrive at Waterloo, buy ticket, find train, which leaves at 7:05

Get to Southampton at 8:55, leave the station by what turns out to be the wrong exit, into the rain and cold. Take refuge in a shopping centre and call Mike, who’s surprised to hear from me.

Back to the station, to the other side, where I wait for a while, then get coffee and sandwich at Costa, then Cherry picks me up and takes me (and Tywi, who’s already been picked up) to the facility.

Meet everybody, then have a Circle day, involving Tai Chi, Calisthenics, El Topo, En La Noche, Lucho’s piece (that I’ll not name, as I don’t want to get it wrong), with guest appearances by C major, C wholetone and C symmetrical.

Completion at 18:45 and Cherry takes us back to our respective stations.

Train at 19:30. Somewhat noisier than this morning. Arrives back at Waterloo at 21:30-ish. I buy beer on the way home.

Haru’s made pasta, which I eat. Also, she’s pleased to say that today’s Guardian contained a DVD of the original Gojira.

Watch various TV.