Perhaps I’m just not noticing them.

9-ish – Get up, breakfast, then off to the supermarket, as it’s Sunday. I wish I was more capable of making informed choices about what to buy (apart from the list that Haru gives me). Vegetables, for example. I’m sure there are more different kinds of vegetables than that. Perhaps I’m just not noticing them.

Sometimes I do buy odd vegetables, but they tend to go uncooked, as we don’t really know what to do with them.

Back at the flat: dither for a while, until Lunch.

After lunch, amid various dithering, work on the Shifrin book. More indecisiveness. Perhaps that’s my current frame of mind.

I do go for a run at 19:00-ish. I’m surprised by this, but my body has me dressed in running-around gear and outside before I know what’s hit me. It’s not as cold out there as I thought it would be and I manage to run for longer than any other day this week.

Back at the flat, shower, dinner, and watch last night’s Dr Who.