the new configuration

6:00 – Get up, sitting, breakfast and Haru leaves.

General preparation and then:

I take everything off the shelves on one side of the living room and pile it up on the other.

I vacuum the area and move the shelves and TV around into a new configuration.

I put everything back.

Unsurprisingly this takes all day.

I also make a trip to the Post Office that I should have made on Monday. Or last week. Or the week before.

Haru gets home and sees the new configuration. Surprise tempered by approval.

I make dinner – I intend it to be pasta with chorizo, but buy salami instead. So pasta with salami.

Watch TV – a documentary about medieval English churches (heavily painted and decorated, which leaves me wanting to find out more); the new (or at least second) series of Heroes, Terry Jones on The Crusades; Newsnight; Question Time with the Mayoral candidates. Boris is absurd. Ken reminds me more and more of Vetinari, which is a bit overgenerous, I suppose. Brian is strangely ungainly in his voice and rhetoric. I’m genuinely curious to find out what happens. Interesting times, I suppose.