This struggle, anyway.

5:53 – Wake up. Check clock. Go back to sleep for seven minutes.

6:00 – Up, Sitting, breakfast, Haru out the door at 7:20.

I do my preparation and get back to the Shifrin – this is drawing to the conclusion of a bright idea I had for the book called a Visual Index – that is to say, thumbnails of a lot of the images in pro to each other so that readers can see the relative sizes. It’s taken days longer than I thought it would. Just as I was about to give up (last Friday afternoon), I realised that it was not just a bright idea, but a good one. Still, the struggle ends today. This struggle, anyway. I’m sure there’ll be other struggles.

I also do some Samaritan work on a font.

Lunch at 13-ish, and a lie down.

Haru gets back at 18:00 – she’s forgotten her keys, so I need to let her in. I set off for the Movements and arrive early. In fact, most people do, which is odd.

Good class, I think.

Finish at 21:45, back home by 10:30.

Today is the first day of the year I’ve ventured out without my overcoat.

Delicious tomato soup by H, and some reading.