it’s been ringing in the background

6:00 – Up, sit, breakfast, wave H off, morning preparation.

Corralling myself into working, with greater and lesser success.

After lunch I finally get to the post office, then catch a bus to the Royal Mail collection office, or what would be a collection office if there was anything to collect. I lose my temper somewhat, which is probably a mistake. Still, if the post-person doesn’t ring my doorbell to make sure that I’m in (and so doesn’t deliver the package), and the package isn’t in the collection office, what am I to do. He suggests I speak to the delivery-person, which I would if I was alerted to their presence. See step one. He also suggests I call them in the morning. I point out that they never answer the phone – it’s been ringing in the background for five minutes as he suggests it – and leave.

I’ve allowed myself to get into a bad mood. Bah.

I actually wonder how I’m going to get any of the packages I’m expecting.

I catch the bus up the the shopping centre, and navigate my way through the chaotic horde in Tesco and buy some groceries. Then I walk home.

Haru gets back and I make burgers and buy chips to go with them.

After dinner, we do the toast, then watch Simon Schama’s history of Britain followed by the news.