Bits and pieces and stuff

Bits and pieces and stuff, including breakfast at the wine bar under the arches in Waterloo, listening to talks, watching Doctor Who, getting dinner from the restaurant downstairs (mmm!!) and doing the monthly toast.

which is good

6:00 – Up, down, breakfast, H leaves. Eventually I get to completing and packaging up some colouring-in.

Feeling better today: the antihistamines have kicked in, which is good.

After lunch, preparing the Shifrin cover, which I’ve done before, but for some reason seem to need to do again. Oh, well.

Get unhealthy food for dinner, which we eat while watching unhealthy television. Well, an old edition of Top Gear, the first twenty minutes of Aliens versus Predator and an episode of The Mighty Boosh, then Newsnight and Newsight Review.

It’s probably telling that I wrote more about what we watched on the TV than the rest of the day.

But I don’t, not really.

6:00 – Up, down, breakfast, H leaves, down again for a bit.

Register AppleCare on the desktop Mac.

Getting files together and putting them on disks. This takes a lot longer than I thought it would. The bit just before a job goes out is a lot more turbulent than the rest of it, a bit like breaking through the sound barrier. It’s remarkable that I don’t just disintegrate. But I don’t, not really.

Eventually manage to get to the post office – in the rain. I’m aware of all the irritating things that might happen, and a number of small arguments I might have with the chap behind the counter. I decide that I’m not going to have any of them, and concentrate mainly on being in a good mood. The transaction goes painlessly. Hmm.

(Anything that involves counters – Post Office, bank, airport check-in, etc – is, for some reason, prone to attract unpleasantness. Or that’s what I thought. I realise that the common denominator is me. And complete idiots in the queue ahead of me, of course.)

Back home continute colouring in. Also, all the other work is probably going to be a bit squashed now, darn it.

H comes home, at some point we have dinner, and I carry on colouring.

I wish it could look better. I’ll need to be decisive tomorrow. Perhaps I can re-file “being decisive” under “fun” rather than ” not fun”. I’m prepared to give it a shot.

which knocks back my productivity a lot more

Get up at the usual time, but after sittingbreakfastandHaruleaves crash out – I only mean to lie down for a few minutes, but I’m up and down throughout the day, which knocks back my productivity a lot more.

Oh, well.

In the evening go with Ben for long walk (Lambeth Palace to Jubilee Bridge, to Leicester Square to Tottenham Court Road) dinner and chat and to see Iron Man. Lots of fun. Possibly the best superhero movie yet, at least that manages to demonstrate any authenticity to its subject matter. It’s also the first comic book movie I’ve ever seen that’s better than the original comic book. And all the performances are great. And I really like the operating system on all Stark’s computers (kind of like OS X in the style of Apple’s old Pro apps). And we stay for the Nick Fury Bit.

Say adios to Ben and walk home, listening to Guns by Cardiacs. Very long time since I’ve listened to the whole thing all the way through. It really is very good indeed, I’d forgotten.

I manage not to fall over

Up at six, shave shower, breakfast, generally prepare. Haru gets up later and makes me a bento box for lunch (rice balls and egg roll), which I’m grateful for.

At 9:00 I go off to the Movements day. Yes, a whole day. Still feeling tired, so I don’t really have the stamina for it. Still, I manage not to fall over, though it’s a close run thing at some points.

Get back to the flat at about five, bearing biscuits.

Television in the evening.

nice to have at last

An out of commission day – the get up bit through to the Haru leaves bit goes fine, but after that I just crash – I’ve got one of those summer cold things. Bah.

On the plus side, I receive the North Sea Radio Orchestra CD and my copy of the Body Book from the Guildhall, which is nice to have at last. And my next Orchard job.

The CD is lovely, though. End of Chimes, which I saw on YouTube, is only the second part of the full track on the album.

More crashery. Too limp to do anything constructive.

By the time H gets home I’ve had a fair amount of rest. I set off for the MeFi meetup and walk there. The walk does me good, in fact. During the day it was overcast and muggy, but the weather in the evening is lovely.

Nice time in a pub up near Smithfield, then walk home again by the same route (Bankside is a lot more jumping than it was when I was young, in quite a good way, I suppose). Curry by H waiting, and I go out and buy naan to go with it and croissants for tomorrow morning.

like an excitable labrador

6:00 – Up, sitting, breakfast and H goes to work.

But I fail preparation this morning.

A day of colouring in. Possible oncoming cold. Also, a package arrives from Japan for H, which means (as usual) that I have to drop everything and dash for the door like an excitable labrador.

Sausage and chips for dinner (we usually both admit failure, dinner-wise, at this point in the week), then H plays some Yellow Magic Orchestra (CDs in the parcel) and I play whatever comes to mind from my iTunes library.

Nothing in particular to report

6:00 – Up, sitting, breakfast, wave adios, prepare.

The day is sort of spent preparing the Shifrin for print. Time is not used as effectively as I’d like. But the preparation continues, then it’s realised that it will need to be put off for a week. So.

Also, my Wednesday morning meeting is moved to Wednesday afternoon.

Out to the movements at 18:00, returning at 22:30. Nothing in particular to report.

Huge salad waiting for me, and we get the trash out just in time.

A fascinating and eventful day, then.

My goodness, it works

Up at 10:00, then off to breakfast at a local cafe, then the Tate bookshop (in the light rain), then to Maplins (in the drizzle) discussing possible developments, where I get a cable to connect the Mac Mini to the TV and an external Hard Disk.

Back to the flat, collecting cake from Konditor & Cook. Connect everything. My goodness, it works, apart from needing another cable for audio. I go out again and get it.

It’s all tramendously advanced, I have to say. We could even watch BBC iPlayer on the TV if the BBC website was available. But, um…

Dr Who – great fun, but a bit manic. Then I go out and get some Indian food and beer, which we consume when I return, watching Top Gear and other Saturday Night televisual entertainments.

a teenager in a ridiculous hat giving me abuse

6:00 – Up, sit and breakfast. Haru goes out. My preparatory process goes a bit awry.

A phone call wakes me up and I do some preparation-for-print work.

I also go out for a run. It’s grey, cloudy and cold. Perfect weather for running around. There are an unusual number of obstructions today, and one case of a teenager in a ridiculous hat giving me abuse. I’m not going to take lifestyle advice from someone who’s dressed like Timmy Mallett.

An amazing number of obstructions, though.

Eat lunch, then go with my pa to get a new TV from Richer Sounds, which is then brought in and plugged in. I’m then transfixed by the fascination of the large wide screen.

Haru gets home and we test the new TV with Hot Fuzz and have pizza from downstairs for dinner, with the usual Friday evening TV programmes. There’s also a bit of light coding for me to do.

Watching The Avengers (Mrs Peel vintage) on BBC Four – great British and Irish character actors queuing up to be murdered in unusual ways. Currently it’s Jack McGowran.

And Colin Jeavons just wandered past.