and an unusual form of therapy

We get up at 10:00-ish and wander up to the South Bank for breakfast. We go into Canteen, the posh-ish restaurant in the Royal Festival Hall building. Someone takes our orders for drinks, but after more than ten minutes no drinks have appeared. If it takes that long to produce a cup of coffee in a virtually empty restaurant with eight waiting staff to hand, goodness knows how long the food would take, so we walk out and go to the wine bar under the arches instead.

Up to that point we’d both been in a bad mood, after walking out of Canteen we were in a good mood. Just like that. Remarkable, and an unusual form of therapy. Highly recommended, though.

Never trust a restaurant with pretty waiting staff, that’s my opinion.

And breakfast at the place under the arches was very nice. As is the weather.

We wander up to the Apple Store, where H buys a shocking pink iPod Nano, then we go to the Salvation Army shop (nothing there, really), discover that there’s a big hole where Chappell’s used to be, go to John Lewis then back to the Apple Store where I buy an Airport Express. walk along to Charing Cross Road (finding the relocated Chappell’s), then wander home, via Bullet (a fine cafe in an outdoor sports shop, where I manage to insult the chap who works behind the counter in the mountaineering department when I stop to admire the crampons). Anyway, then home.

I install the Airport Express, and we experience the miracle of listening to iTunes via the stereo.

I lie down for a bit, then start doing a backing track for Secret Agent’s Dream, then watch Dr Who, then finish the backing track, then go out for fish and chips and beer, which we consume while watching the QI marathon on Dave.