it certainly gives the place a personality

The morning routine as described ad nauseam. Today I do some font alterations, and send them off, then do Fairies.

Small lunch, which pleases me.

In the late afternoon I go to Tesco in the shopping centre. It’s always slightly chaotic down there. Perhaps that’s a good thing, it certainly gives the place a personality, although obviously a chaotic personality.

The weather is perfect.

When I get home, Haru’s just arrived back. I go out again for a run in the perfect weather, tonight running the “wrong” way – up to Westminster Bridge, then downriver on the northern Embankment, the opposite direction from that I normally run in. Actually it works a lot better, because I get the Westminster Bridge Insanity out of the way quickly.

Home, shower, dinner (mmm! Meatballs). We watch the last episode of Doctor Who with the commentary, and check out spoilers for the rest of the series on the internet.