poor in different ways

6:00 – get up. Sitting and breakfast but the rest of the morning preparation gets a bit lost somewhere.

Though I do complete the Fairies. And possibly prepare for some more colouring in the near future. And solve a quick website problem. And dither a bit. A lot actually.

I take the 344 to Vauxhall and go to the Sainsbury’s there, for a change. A much greater range of stuff than the local Tesco, though I find when I get home that I’ve just bought what I could have got at the local Tesco anyway. One thing I notice in the supermarket is that they’re selling TVs – the variety of different qualities of picture is immense. They’re all poor, but poor in different ways. Since noticing the excessive use of Unsharp Mask (or equivalent) in John Lewis last Saturday, I can’t not see it now. One screen is using it so heavily that the picture looks like an animation, or at least an out-take from a Richard Linklater rotoscope movie. And it’s Sky News.

Anyway, when I get home Haru’s already back. I go out for a run (I find myself waiting to cross roads a lot more than usual), again the “wrong” way, though I go a little further this time. Again, the weather’s glorious, but not yet so hot that the exercise is unbearable.

Back at the flat shower, then have dinner (pork-based stew by H) and watch the Medieval Season on BBC4 and the wonderful Family Guy Star Wars spoof.