Merely functioning doesn’t get any points from me

Get up at 9:15 – My pa is back from his yearly visit to the U.S. so I’ll be going to the supermarket this morning.

So go to the supermarket at 9:45.

Back at the flat, continue preparing to take the desktop computer to the Apple store this afternoon. At least now I have a lift. Anyway, copying files. The most sensible thing to do would have been to make a disk image using Carbon Copy Cloner, but I’ve run out of time to do that (and anyway, would it have completed before the computer crashed?). General feeling that things are falling apart.

Lunch. Continue preparing. The disk casing I got yesterday isn’t very well designed, although it does work. Merely functioning doesn’t get any points from me, though.

Pa picks me up at 13:30 and we go off, getting there very early. Wait until the due time and manhandle the computer in. It all goes swimmingly, actually, given that the experience is predicated on the fact that my computer doesn’t work properly. The customer service is so good that I realise that part of me feels robbed of an opportunity to be annoyed.

On the way back stop at Maplins and get the hard disk dock I should have bought yesterday.

Back at the flat set up the Mini that I’ll be using for the next week-to-ten-days.

Then watch last night’s Doctor Who on iPlayer, with the commentary, then dinner, then a bunch of Medieval Season programmes followed by Hero, with sherry.