the same weather will be recategorised as unbearably hot

We both wake up about five minutes before the alarm goes off, and relish that extra five minutes sleep.

6:00 – Up, sit, breakfast, wave goodbye to H, then general preparation and guitar.

By 10:00 I’m ready to start work, but not sure what to do. Hmm. I do some preparation to send Shifrin to the printer. But I realise I can’t send an email to the production guy because I realise I don’t have his address. And I’m one stupid question away from losing my credibility, so I wait until I can speak to Sara, in the afternoon.

While I’m eating lunch, watch Stephen Fry talking about public service broadcasting.

More preparation.

Go to the Movements class at 18:00, literally meeting Haru on the doorstep. Weather is lovely again. I give it a week before the same weather will be recategorised as unbearably hot.

OK class. I know at least twenty-three of the thirty gestures.

Back in the flat by 22:30 and eat delicious salad prepared by H.