must result in pills

6:00 – Up, etc.

Continuing from yesterday.

It’s cooler today, so I manage to get out for a run at about 12:00.

In the afternoon, there’s a call from the Apple Store. My Mac is ready to collect, so I blag a lift and collect it. Apparantly it was a poorly-seated component, so I’m not sure that it’s worked (repairs need to entail replacement parts to be real, the same way that visits to the doctor must result in pills or else one feels shortchanged).

Remark to the blue-shirt who serves me that I’m shocked that it’s already May 14th, as I’d only just got used to it being May.

When I get it home and turn it on, it immediately feels right somehow. It’s odd that one can sense shakiness in a computer (which I think I could before). It’s certainly much faster than the Mini, which is a tremendous relief.

After Haru’s got back, I make dinner – chicken and noodles, a deranged experiment that turned out very nicely.

After dinner I work on a compilation CD for the Metafilter Swap thing, which I’ve not participated in for several years, since the end of the Level 4 in fact.