Or beginning.

6:00 – Up, sit, breakfast, wave adios, yoga, shave, shower, dress and work in precisely that order.

Cold weather today.

Today I’m going through Shifrin finalising the pictures. I’ve had a couple of false starts, but this is a real start. Or beginning.


Anyway, it takes me up to lunchtime, when I have lunch (obviously) and then all the way to dinner time. H makes hamburger-steak (essentially hamburgers, but I like calling them hamburger steak) and I get chips from the local chip shop.

Incidentally, I’d like to point out that fish and chip shops make the chips out of actual potatoes, which I assume some poor bugger has to spend the day chopping. They’re not extruded potato-and-corn sticks from a plastic bag in the freezer. They are deep-fried potatoes, there’s no getting away from that, but they’re close to 5-a-day. Just not quite close enough.

After dinner I upload the PDF of the Final Final Shifrin and sort out an external hard disk my old iTunes library on, which will hopefully form part of my new iTunes library. I have a cunning plan.

Watch television while I’m doing this: Heroes and Hellboy and a bit of Question Time, which has neither the plausibility or intellectual rigour of the other two programmes.