a teenager in a ridiculous hat giving me abuse

6:00 – Up, sit and breakfast. Haru goes out. My preparatory process goes a bit awry.

A phone call wakes me up and I do some preparation-for-print work.

I also go out for a run. It’s grey, cloudy and cold. Perfect weather for running around. There are an unusual number of obstructions today, and one case of a teenager in a ridiculous hat giving me abuse. I’m not going to take lifestyle advice from someone who’s dressed like Timmy Mallett.

An amazing number of obstructions, though.

Eat lunch, then go with my pa to get a new TV from Richer Sounds, which is then brought in and plugged in. I’m then transfixed by the fascination of the large wide screen.

Haru gets home and we test the new TV with Hot Fuzz and have pizza from downstairs for dinner, with the usual Friday evening TV programmes. There’s also a bit of light coding for me to do.

Watching The Avengers (Mrs Peel vintage) on BBC Four – great British and Irish character actors queuing up to be murdered in unusual ways. Currently it’s Jack McGowran.

And Colin Jeavons just wandered past.