nice to have at last

An out of commission day – the get up bit through to the Haru leaves bit goes fine, but after that I just crash – I’ve got one of those summer cold things. Bah.

On the plus side, I receive the North Sea Radio Orchestra CD and my copy of the Body Book from the Guildhall, which is nice to have at last. And my next Orchard job.

The CD is lovely, though. End of Chimes, which I saw on YouTube, is only the second part of the full track on the album.

More crashery. Too limp to do anything constructive.

By the time H gets home I’ve had a fair amount of rest. I set off for the MeFi meetup and walk there. The walk does me good, in fact. During the day it was overcast and muggy, but the weather in the evening is lovely.

Nice time in a pub up near Smithfield, then walk home again by the same route (Bankside is a lot more jumping than it was when I was young, in quite a good way, I suppose). Curry by H waiting, and I go out and buy naan to go with it and croissants for tomorrow morning.