which knocks back my productivity a lot more

Get up at the usual time, but after sittingbreakfastandHaruleaves crash out – I only mean to lie down for a few minutes, but I’m up and down throughout the day, which knocks back my productivity a lot more.

Oh, well.

In the evening go with Ben for long walk (Lambeth Palace to Jubilee Bridge, to Leicester Square to Tottenham Court Road) dinner and chat and to see Iron Man. Lots of fun. Possibly the best superhero movie yet, at least that manages to demonstrate any authenticity to its subject matter. It’s also the first comic book movie I’ve ever seen that’s better than the original comic book. And all the performances are great. And I really like the operating system on all Stark’s computers (kind of like OS X in the style of Apple’s old Pro apps). And we stay for the Nick Fury Bit.

Say adios to Ben and walk home, listening to Guns by Cardiacs. Very long time since I’ve listened to the whole thing all the way through. It really is very good indeed, I’d forgotten.