But I don’t, not really.

6:00 – Up, down, breakfast, H leaves, down again for a bit.

Register AppleCare on the desktop Mac.

Getting files together and putting them on disks. This takes a lot longer than I thought it would. The bit just before a job goes out is a lot more turbulent than the rest of it, a bit like breaking through the sound barrier. It’s remarkable that I don’t just disintegrate. But I don’t, not really.

Eventually manage to get to the post office – in the rain. I’m aware of all the irritating things that might happen, and a number of small arguments I might have with the chap behind the counter. I decide that I’m not going to have any of them, and concentrate mainly on being in a good mood. The transaction goes painlessly. Hmm.

(Anything that involves counters – Post Office, bank, airport check-in, etc – is, for some reason, prone to attract unpleasantness. Or that’s what I thought. I realise that the common denominator is me. And complete idiots in the queue ahead of me, of course.)

Back home continute colouring in. Also, all the other work is probably going to be a bit squashed now, darn it.

H comes home, at some point we have dinner, and I carry on colouring.

I wish it could look better. I’ll need to be decisive tomorrow. Perhaps I can re-file “being decisive” under “fun” rather than ” not fun”. I’m prepared to give it a shot.